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Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard in 2022


There are a lot of aspects to take into consideration when making the choice to buy the Best Skateboard. From the dimensions of the deck you purchase to the equipment you put on, there’s a lot to consider and be aware of about skating.

If you’re purchasing a fully constructed board or plan to construct your own board, it’s crucial to be aware of the various components you’ll require and the reasons they’re needed. It will require trucks, deck brushings, wheels grip tape, bearings, hardware, and wheels. It is easy to personalize your skateboard once you have made sure you’ve got all the necessary components. To understand the reasons behind selecting the right board for your requirements, take a look at the tips and tricks listed below.

Skateboard comprises a variety of components and the deck happens as one of the most important components. The deck is regarded as the part of the skateboard that you sit on when skating. The shortboard that is the reverse of a cruiser, or a longboard is perfect for street skateboarding, or vert skateboarding. It’s one of the most highly-rated boards for tricks and stunts, for beginners or pros.

What Kind of Skateboarding do You Want to Try?

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Skateboard in 2022

The first thing to determine is the type of skateboarding you would like to try, there are a variety of styles of skateboarding, including street longboarding, skateparks, longboarding, and cruising. Knowing what you’d like to achieve with your skateboard can help you pick the appropriate skateboard.

Are you near a park close by and would like to know how to roll and do tricks? Do you think that you’re much more inclined to spend your time driving around, riding a commuting bus, or riding around the campus? Perhaps you’re thinking of looking to purchase a skateboard for your child to master the fundamentals?

In the remainder of this article, we’ll assume that you’ve made the decision to skateboard in skateparks, parks, or even on the street since they are the most sought-after.

Skateboard Style

Are there any particular items you plan to purchase for your board? If you want to skate or perform tricks, they’re designed to be the perfect dimensions and shapes. If you’re looking for a type of skateboard made for city riding, but not stepping up the steps of the curb, you’ll have to look for a different model than the one you’d use to the skatepark or do kickflips on your driveway. If you’re planning on the city with no other purpose then you’ll need an enormous cruiser with large, comfortable tires. If you’re going to the skatepark to practice tricks or take a ride on through the miniature ramp, you’ll need the traditional style of the skateboard.

Size of Skateboard

If you’re looking for a skateboard, the first aspect to consider is how big the board is. Sizing isn’t new to skateboarding. 15 years ago, there was no option other than buying an ultra-compact soft-top or hard-top. With the increasing popularity of skating, you are able to choose the right size and are capable of obtaining the perfect fitting. The size of the skateboard is determined by height, age, and shoe size. If you’re not certain, it’s recommended to go up a size for kids because they are growing quickly and there are no noticeable differences between sizes. If the design on the micro is smaller, then the size (micro) is 1 inch less than the largest dimensions of the board.

Parts and accessories for Skateboards

After you’ve selected the design and size of the board, here is a quick overview of the elements of skateboards, what they’re intended to be used for, as well as the characteristics to be looking for when buying these. If you purchase from local stores that sell skateboards, they’ll be competing in choosing the right model and will not sell items that aren’t worth the price. But, if you opt to shop from amazon or other sports goods retailers, you will get a lot of products to look for. A $50 skate is generally not good but you can purchase the Darkstar Skateboard for just $90 in the majority of skate shops. It’s a great skateboard for beginners.


It’s a sandpaper-like product that’s placed over your skateboard. It helps you hold your skateboard when performing tricks, and also stops your feet from sliding off your skateboard. It is available in a variety of styles and colors but it’s essential to understand that black is most sturdy and durable when compared to clear or colored because it’s made with the best quality grit.


This is the main element of the skateboard’s wood. Most professional decks consist of tiny veneers of maple, joined together by high-strength epoxy glue. It is made of epoxy. Plys are joined before being made into a shape using a nose as well as the tail and the concave. The seven-ply deck helps the board stay solid for the duration of its lifespan and never lose its shape or the strength required for trick tricks. The decks are made of 9 plys made from maple. Certain decks have fiberglass inserts that are designed to increase the lifespan of decks. They typically have higher prices. If you are looking for skateboards that are less expensive generally, they have three plys and an inferior glue to keep them together. It is likely that the board will alter its shape and the plys could break into two.


They are made of metal that connects to the wheel of the skateboard. They also form the component of the skateboard, which allows it to turn and grind. Most skateboards are constructed from aluminum alloy. However, certain brands utilize different metal alloys. It is crucial when purchasing skateboards to ensure that it’s constructed from metal. Any skateboard with a truck made of plastic is considered to be a cheap product that’s not worthy of your money, regardless of the price!


Inside the trucks are tiny pieces of rubber that are vital to the skateboard’s rotor. These are tiny cones of polyurethane that can be flexed between sides when you skate. They also allow your skateboard to rotate. They are available in a variety of designs and durometers (how they’re made, or how durable their hardness). A tougher bushing can make skating boards less steady, which implies that it is more likely to spin and spin. In contrast, the soft bushing can allow you to spin faster. A majority of children’s boards come with soft bushings which make it simpler for kids with smaller weights to spin the boards.


They are the bolts and nuts that connect the deck to trucks and assist in keeping the deck in the right position. There are different lengths. They come in two kinds: Philips heads or Allen keys. Both are suitable, but generally in general Allen keys are more durable. Allen key is more durable. Longer.


If you’re considering buying your first skateboard wheels are the initial item that you’ll be worried over more so than the other element. The wheels for skateboards are constructed of polyurethane, an extremely durable material (a kind of rubbery material) that can absorb tiny vibrations and roll over small particles of sand. The wheels of low-cost skateboards are usually made of tough plastic. This means that should you crash into the pavement, the wheels could break or even break. They are also not able to take on any shocks if the pavement is uneven.

If you purchase skateboards, the wheels come available in different Durometers (how they feel and the level of softness or hardness they’ve had to experience) and each one is suitable for various types of riding. If you’re buying a board only to use it on smooth, hard surfaces such as skating, it is recommended to buy a sturdy wheel as it’s more responsive and last longer. But, they’re less appropriate for use when you intend to ride over uneven terrains.

Wheels that are soft absorb sound better which means it is in a position to glide smoothly over rough terrain, but will not make your feet vibrate. Wheels are available in a range in sizes, shapes, and dimensions. If you purchase the whole skateboard, it can be adjusted to the proper dimensions and the shape of the skateboard. A larger wheel can assist you in accelerating your riding and smaller wheels may take longer, but they are also less heavy and easier to perform tricks on.

What Should You Avoid When Purchasing a Skateboard?

Factors to consider to buy the best skateboard in 2022

There are a few indicators of a low-quality skateboard. Ideally, you should steer clear of buying skateboards with these characteristics:

Plastic Skateboard Decks

The decks made of plywood have better forms and are better for tricks.

Plastic Trucks, Or Any Fixed Truck That Does Not Lean Or Turns

Instead, the metal alloy trucks are equipped with 2 polyurethane bushings that permit the skateboard to rotate.

Soft Or Hard Rubber Wheels

Instead, the polyurethane wheels offer the most ideal blend of durability and grip Choose a durometer score in the range of 90a to 100a.

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What Size Skateboard Should I Purchase?

Skateboards are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of riders. They are usually measured by the width. The most common sizes range from 7.75″, 8.0″, and 8.25″. The lengths can vary, but it’s not that important Street skateboards typically measure approximately 32″ long. They are also classified as Full-Sized Skateboards and Junior Sized Skateboards.

The width you choose depends on your age, your experience, and the type of skating you’d like to pursue. Some skaters advise choosing a size of deck according to the size of your shoes but this isn’t the best option for beginners because technically, you are able to ride any size, but your height is the most important factor.

What’s the reason for the differences in widths? Boards that are thinner, 7.75″ and below are lighter, which aids in ollies (jumping the board!) and also flip more quickly, however they’ll have less space on the deck, which makes it more difficult to pull off big tricks.

The boards that are wider, like 8.0″ are heavier and require more effort when performing tricks. However, they also have lots of room on the deck to allow for foot control as well as more room to make mistakes when performing tricks.

For those who are just starting out, we suggest you select the right skateboard according to your height and age. If you’re younger than 10 years old, or 5 feet tall, we suggest using a Junior size skateboard. If you’re more than 10 years old or more than 5ft tall, then you’re suited for the full-sized skateboard.


What should I consider when choosing my skateboard?

We suggest starting with a skateboard’s deck width proportional to the size of your shoe. If you are a male wearing sizes 6.5 to 9 start with an overall size between 7.5 up to 8.0 inches. If you are wearing shoes 9.5 or greater we suggest a deck that is between 8.0 to 8.5 inches.

What are the advantages of a great skateboard?

A good skateboard deck will be light but still durable and provide “pop” the ideal combination of rigidity and flexibility that lets the board respond to ollies and other tricks that require the deck to be “popped” off the ground.

What is the cost of a good skateboard?

A skateboard can cost anywhere between $150 and $75, depending on the quality of components you choose. The best components can make up the total cost of your skating board. Additional expenses are incurred by skate parks, shoes as well as protective gear and clothes.

How long do skateboards last?

A skateboard will last for about 2 years, however, it may last longer if maintained properly and cared for. A variety of factors affect the lifespan of a skateboard. The high quality of your skateboard will tell you much about how long it will last.

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